Application Process for DVFA

In order to apply to join the DVFA in any of the 3 categories:

Association Member
Support Member
Volunteer/Reserve Firefighter

you must submit BOTH of the following completed applications:

DVFA Application

Orange City Application (required because OCFD provides Fire Service to the city)

You can either send the completed application by US Mail to the address at the bottom of this page, OR, scan them as a PDF and email them to us; the email is also at the bottom of this page. We would also be very happy to have you drop the completed applications off with us at our building (address below) during a drill night - any Wednesday at 7pm (please do NOT drop them at the main Firehouse).

If you are applying for a Volunteer/Reserve Firefighter status, please include copies of all pertinent certifications (ie: FF Basics & Florida EMT) with your application.

You will be contacted after we receive your application, and it will then be reviewed by our committee, and also by the City of Orange City who will run the required background check.

If you have any questions about the process please let us know - you can contact us HERE