DeBary Volunteer Firemen's Association

Be a part of one of the oldest organizations in DeBary

Association Member

‘Social’ members who act to raise money to buy equipment for the Fire Department and otherwise support and enhance fire and rescue services to the citizens of DeBary. Comprised of members of the community, our members devote their talents and time to support the fire department by fundraising and providing community presentations.

Support member

Support members serve to assist Firefighters and other EMS/Rescue personnel on incident scenes outside the hazard area. Roles include: Cleaning/care for tools and equipment; completing and maintaining official records and reports, and assist with both emergency and non-emergency preparedness functions, including community fire prevention and fire safety education programs.

Volunteer/Reserve Firefighter

Upon approval of the chief, Firefighter volunteers meeting state training standards are able to respond to all types of emergencies and actively participate in on-scene operations. Firefighters may provide emergency medical care and assistance, or perform rescue functions such as extrication of victims from vehicle crashes. Firefighter volunteers will receive additional training and are issued personal protective clothing for the performance of their duties

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please click HERE

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