The DeBary Volunteer Firemen's Association has mailed out its 2021 Fundraising mailer. We elected not to do any direct in-person fundraising to your doors this year, and we are hoping that as many DeBary residents and businesses as possible will choose to support us.
Our funds are used to provide equipment and supplies for the fire department that are not covered in their budget, for public education events, and for firefighter support and rehabilitation on emergency scenes. We also provide funding to help offset costs for Emergency Medical and Firefighting training to members.

Learn more about us at our webpage
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We thank you in advance for any support that you can give us! We really need the support of our community right now. If you can make a donation to help us continue our mission, you can do so via mail to the address at the bottom of the page, or click to donate via PayPal.

(Note: there is a 3rd party company who might be going door-to-door doing fundraising for the fire services. While we have used this company in past years, we are NOT using them this year.)

The DeBary Volunteer Firemen's Association

Did you Know:

Association members currently give about 2000 volunteer hours per year to the city and residents of DeBary!

The DeBary Volunteer Firemen's Association is a 501c4 Tax Exempt organization.

Originally organized as the first fire department to serve the area now known as the City of DeBary, we have evolved over the years, but we still exist to serve the citizens and visitors through promotion of Fire Safety Ideals, and through fundraising and other support for the Emergency Responders in the city.

Please feel free to visit all the pages for our history, our current happenings, and perhaps to join us in our mission, or to support us financially.

Coming Events:

DVFA Monthly meetings - 2nd Wednesday at 7pm at DVFA Building (10 Colomba Rd)

For more happenings - visit our calendar page from the menu at the left.